1. ​​​What is a WSI? A WSI is a Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor.  WSIs are trained to not only teach swim lessons, but to teach water safety too!
  2. Are parents required to stay during the private swim lessons?  Yes.   
  3.  Are parents required to participate in the family swim lessons? Yes, one parent must be in the water with their child. 
  4. Are there any discounts available? Yes. Sibling discounts: 10% Hair Clients 25% American Sign Language Students 15% 
  5. If the weather is inclement will there be make up classes?  Yes, make up classes will be scheduled on either a Thursday or Saturday.   
  6. If my child misses a lesson, can that lesson be made up?  Unfortunately, no. 
  7. Can I pay online? No, you must fill out the "Contact Us" form and the WSI will contact you to learn a little more about your child.
  8. Will my child be able to swim in the deep end and swim really well after a summer of swim lessons? It all depends on the child and their swim skills prior. Most children age 5 and up will need a couple of years of lessons (all year around) to swim with confidence in the deep end.  Swim lessons are more beneficial if taken throughout the year.  This will help your child retain and execute the skills learned with sureness.   
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