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What is “Play” It Forward? 
A fundraiser program that provides support to families, churches, and missionaries.
How it works... Parents use drop in care provided by Beyond “Bear” Basics®, a licensed home child care. Parents are then able to run errands, go to appointments, pamper themselves, have a date night, etc. 
Back up and Mildly ill care is available.
Upon approval a percentage of the proceeds will go to families, churches, or missionaries that have submitted an application.  

Watch from our live cameras:
See your child as they play, participate in Art, Music, Gym, Foreign Language, and enjoy USDA approved meals from any mobile device.
The more families that use drop in care the more funds we have to support.

How does “Play” It Forward support others? We support by giving monetary, food, and clothing donations to families, churches, and missionaries in need.

Note: All fundraisers will be listed on the website. Personal information such as names will remain anonymous.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested in receiving support from “Play” It Forward we are just a click away.

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